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Tarmac Repairs & Restoration

Tarmac is a lower-cost option if you're having a driveway laid. 

Tayside Surface Coatings specialise in the restoration of this surface and can save you a lot of money by restoring your tarmac or asphalt surfaces with the application of Tarmaseal™ Tarmac Restorer.

When first laid, Tarmac has a lot of resins in it, which gives it a deep colour. Over time, due to traffic, weathering and UV light exposure, these resins dry out and the surface turns ever-lighter shades of grey, then will start to 'fret' i.e. small stones start to come off of the surface and finally cracks start to appear.

Our procedure for restoring Tarmac and Asphalt is usually:

  • Pressure wash the area thoroughly but gently if it has started to 'fret'

  • After the area has completely dried, applying Repair Compound to cracks if necessary and Cold Lay Tarmac to holes

  • Apply two coats of Tarmaseal™ Tarmac Restorer

Tarmaseal™ is far superior to the Tarmac paints which are on the market. Paint will sit on the surface and peel off in due course, usually far sooner than you might imagine! 

Tarmaseal™ soaks right in and replaces those resins lost as described above.

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