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Decking Cleaning & Oiling

Decking has exploded in popularity in Scotland and the UK in recent years, primarily due to its appearance on garden makeover programmes on TV and in magazines. It can be great as an addition to a garden and are often laid in sheltered areas making them a pleasant place to sit and/or entertain.

It's often thought to be an area which will need less maintenance, but this isn't really true in practise...

Decking can become covered in dirt and grime and also moss and algae. This can make the area very slippery, especially when wet.

To perform a miraculous transformation, we will usually:

  • Pre-treat the area with Smartseal Fungicidal Wash, if it's needed

  • Gently but thoroughly pressure clean the area with professional equipment

  • After it's completely dry, we apply 2 coats of Liberon Decking Oil. This provides long term protection, whilst beautifying the wood by enhancing the colour and wood grain, if present.

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